Thomega Entertainment Inc. Film and Television Division

Thomega Entertainment Inc. Film and Television Division is an integrated entertainment company actively involved in the development and production of film and television projects, documentaries, television and web series. The company has built lasting relationship with sales agents, broadcasters and distributors in Canada and around the world. Thomega's strength lies in its ability to handle all aspects of product sales to Canadian broadcasters (including pay-per-view, pay TV, local terrestrial stations, national networks, and the new and existing, on line programing carriers and specialty cable networks).

Thomega has also aggressively worked to build solid relationships with several recognized Canadian distributors throughout English and French speaking Canada in order to maximize product sales. The company was founded in 1988, President Anthony Towstego (see bio), who began his passion for production award winning programming in 1981. The company has been listed in the national trade, Playback Magazines prestigious top 150 Indie companies since the mid 90's to 2011 (in 2001 featured on the cover of Play Back International).

In 2000 and 2001, Thomega Entertainment produced two feature films, in association with Minds Eye Pictures. Without Malice is an action thriller starring Jennifer Beals (Flash Dance), Corey Haim (Lost Boys), and Craig Sheffer (A River Runs Through It). Murder Seen is a suspense thriller starring Timothy Bottoms (The Last Picture Show) and Callum Keith Rennie (Momento)

Thomega's premier documentary (one of seven war related) produced since 2000, Canada Remembers: A Veterans Reunion aired nationally on the CanWest Global Television Network and others eventually on CTV, Vision TV, SCN and ATPN. This project has earned recognition nation-wide for its in-depth and sensitive approach to our Canadian War Veterans. The program was endorsed by the Deputy Prime Minister Herb Gray with a special public presentation made to the producers, and is now a key curriculum tool in schools across the country. In 2002-2005, Thomega Produced a thirteen part television series (49 shows total), titled Entertainment West, a series that attracted the best in the music biz, nationally and internationally, including Tom Cochran, Jim Cuddy, 50 Cent, The Proclaimers to name a few, which at the time, became a "flagship" program for the Network (SCN) and aired nation wide on Bell ExpressVu. Currently, Thomega in 2021 produced the pilot season of non scripted series Blind Adventures with Ron Walsh and producing the 14 part documentary series Canada Remembers Our Heroes.

Thomega Entertainment's strategy is to build a brand of high quality, commercial entertainment with lasting market appeal. Thomega's product crosses a broad spectrum of film and television genres including action/adventure, contemporary drama and suspense, psychological and action thrillers and informational/documentary series.

Thomega produces both independently and service production. See in development on this site.

Thomega Entertainment Inc. Corporate Division

Servicing a large clientele, from Akzo Nobel, Fedex, Credit Union Center, Child Find, to the Athabasca Development Corp; Thomega has an extensive list of corporate content productions for over three decades. Past successful projects include appearances by well known prestigious Canadians, eg. former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, former Saskatchewan Lieutenant Governor Lynda Haverstock, singer actor Andrea Menard and American legendary performer, Academy Award winner Timothy Bottoms.

Thomega has shot on location coast to coast, from Victoria, Calgary, Saskatoon, Regina, Ottawa, Toronto, Nova Scotia, to Black Lake, Uranium City, and Wollaston lake. (See corporate production link page for more information) Thomega has employed and contracted dozens of industry professionals for over three decades, each skilled in their field.

Project Financing

Thomega Entertainment has successfully attained significant financing, licencing and corporate investment support for the past three decades, through many major banking institutions and funding partners, including, CIBC, Canadian Western Bank, TD, Canadian Media Fund, Cameco, American Biointerface Corporation, Eclectica Inc., Millennium Fund, CAVCO, SETC, Saskfilm, Creative Saskatchewan, Veterans Affairs Canada, Telefilm Canada, National Film Board, CBC, CTV, Vision TV, Global TV, SCN , ATPN, AMI-tv, WPBS, Muskeg Lake Cree Nation, Saskatchewan Health Authority, College of Dental Surgeons of Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan Oral Health Coalition, Cosmopolitan Industries and numerous other private and corporate companies/agencies and individuals. Recommendations available on request.

Thomega Mentorship & Training

Thomega Entertainment Inc. remains committed to championing young students (having successfully participated in training hundreds over the years on a multitude of projects) of film and television production when every possible, through mentorship programs offered through various schools and work placement opportunities. (See school certificate endorsements).

Company Highlights
  • 2023 -- Season two (six episodes of documentary series ) begins airing Blind Adventures with Ron Walsh and Friends Host Ron Walsh and Friends director Glen Kerby
  • 2023 -- Premier screening Blind Adventures with Ron Walsh and Friends, season two, over 150 in attendance
  • 2023 -- Theatrical Priemier of Blind Adventures with Ron Walsh and Friends documentary series, with dignitaries June 28
  • 2023 -- The Cosmo Miracle, hosted by Beverly Mahood, Documentary premiers nationally on AMI-tv featured on CTV, CBC and CKOM
  • 2023 -- Canada Remembers Our Heroes: Operation Friction documentary, screening Ottawa, at the Canadian War Museum - Valour Room. Dignitaries include parliamentarians MPs, Senators, the Ambassador of Kuwait, and Honoured First Gulf War Veterans
  • 2023 -- Canada Remembers Our Heroes: Service and Sacrifice documentary, Premiers nationally on AMI-tv
  • 2022 -- Season two (six episodes of documentary series) begins production Blind Adventures with Ron Walsh and Friends director Glen Kerby
  • 2022 -- Canada Remembers Our Heroes: Operation Friction and Peace Keepers and Peace enforcement, documentaries, Theatrical presentation Dartmouth Novascotia, Ciniplex
  • 2022 -- Canada Remembers Our Heroes: Everyday After (about Ptsd) documentary , Priemier nationally on AMI-tv
  • 2022 -- Canada Remembers Our Heroes: Peace keepers and Peace Enforcement documentaries , Priemier nationally on AMI-tv and WPBS
  • 2021 -- Canada Remembers Our Heroes: A Soldiers Land documentary, Premier nationally on AMI-tv
  • 2021 -- United States and Canada Remembers: Brothers and Borders Documentary Premiers on WPBS New York, USA
  • 2021 -- Blind Adventures With Ron Walsh, episodes 1,2,3 produced air nationally on AMI-TV
  • 2021 -- Canada Remembers Our Heroes A Soldiers Land, airs Nationally on Ami-tv
  • 2020 -- Commissioned, half hour documentary, “Opportunity Lives Here” AMI-tv, story of Cosmopolitan Industry, “Our Community” series airs nationally
  • 2020 -- Canada Remembers Our Heroes Brothers and Borders airs Nationally on Ami-tv
  • 2020 -- Canada Remembers Our Heroes The Liberators airs Nationally on AMI-tv
  • 2019 -- Canada Remembers Our Heroes season one 1-7 episodes begins production, AMI-tv, Creative Saskatchewan, Muskeg Lake Cree Nation, cavco
  • 2018 -- The System Effect airs Nationally on Ami-TV
  • 2017 -- The Systemic Effect one hour documentary in production. Licensed with the Saskatchewan Health Authority, The Oral Health Colation, College of Dental Surgeons of Saskatchewan, AMI-tv, Creative Saskatchewan and cavco. Hosted by Dr. Tim Donely, a leading expert in the treatment of gum disease and dental implants, Bowling Green KY, USA
  • 2017 -- AMI airs Canada Remembers Festival For Heroes and Women Who Served and Sacrificed nationally in “descriptive video“, a very proud association!
  • 2017 -- National Television Commercials Destinations Battlefords, playing in Cineplex Theater
  • 2017 -- 20th Anniversary screening of Award winning, Ground Zero documentary, hosted by Richard Chamberlain and appearance by John Denver.
  • 2016 -- Launch of Thomega Canada Remembers School Commemoration National Project and website. Endorsed by the Royal Canadian Legion's National Poppy & Remembrance Committee.
  • 2016 -- 20th Anniversary screening 35mm feature film Crisis at the Broadway Theatre, featured in Star Phoenix, Express, and on CTV news.
  • 2015 -- Covers the Earth Boy Doc Story of Henry Beaudry who was captured and escaped WWII, CTV.
  • 2012 -- Feature film Green development completion, SaskFilm. Financing confirmation and production TBD.
  • 2011 -- Canada Remembers: Festival for Heroes documentary airs nationally Remembrance Day, Prime Time. Featuring Glass Tiger, Dennis Leclair, George Leach, Julian Austin. Vision TV, SCN, CMF, CAVCO, SETC, Cameco, Sasktel, Veterans Affairs Canada.
  • 2010 -- Canada Remembers: Women Who have Served and Sacrificed documentary airs nationally Remembrance Day, Prime Time, hosted by former Lieutenant Governor, Lynda Haverstock. Vision TV, Shaw Cable System, CAVCO, SETC, SaskFilm, CUC, Cameco. Thomega You Tube Channel Launched.
  • 2009 -- Canada Remembers: Their Achievements and Sacrifices documentary airs nationally Remembrance Day, Prime Time. Vision TV, Veterans Affairs Canada, CAVCO, SETC, CMF. Corporate production for Fed Ex for world juniors hockey promo.
  • 2009 -- Pre-Production of Canada Remembers: Their Achievements and Sacrifices.
  • 2008 -- Principal production (August) Athabasca Basin (seven communities), Athabasca: Where The Spirit Flies. Canada Remembers: Our Lasting Legacy featured in the Star Phoenix and Globe, airs on the Vision Network November 11th, prime time. Completion Sacred Children (distributed Canada wide) Health Canada/Saskatchewan Prevention Agency.
  • 2007 -- Year two, on location shooting, Canada Remembers: Our Lasting Legacy
  • 2006 -- Two music videos completed, Joey Stylez, Moca Only, In Seclusion featured Playback Magazine, Thomega/Minds Eye Pictures Co-Pro.
  • 2006 -- Shooting commences on the third Canada Remembers documentary in HDTV in association with Veterans Affairs, Credit Union Centre.
  • 2006 -- The City Profile Show Launches in fourteen Saskatoon hotels.
  • 2005 -- Dare To Dance - One Hour Documentary in Development/Production, featuring Danny James Austin and Jennie Ford.
  • 2005 -- Canada Remembers: It's Time To Say Thanks one hour documentary broadcasts - CTV, featured on the front page of the Saskatoon Star Phoenix, November 11th.
  • 2005 -- Canada Remembers: It's Time To Say Thanks - Shot at Canada Remembers International Air Show in Saskatoon takes place. Veterans Affairs support.
  • 2005 -- City Profile Show - 14 Prominent Saskatoon hotels participate - Production commences summer of 2005
  • 2004 -- Feasibility study commences National Specialty Channel
  • 2004 -- Season 3 Entertainment West broadcast
  • 2003 -- MovieCentral support for development, feature film InSeclusion and Across the Medicine Line
  • 2003 -- Season 2 Entertainment West broadcast
  • 2002 -- Thomega Entertainment Inc. awarded two international CFTPA placements
  • 2002 -- Season 1 of Entertainment West television series launched on SCN, ExpressVu and StarChoice
  • 2001 -- Canada Remembers featured on the cover of PlayBack Magazine and PlayBack International
  • 2001 -- Canada Remembers broadcasts nationally on the Global Network, Prime and SCN
  • 2001 -- Waskesui premiere Without Malice, 800 attend, Twin Pines wins distinction of Best Theatrical Premier in Canada in Ottawa
  • 2000 -- Nicole Eggert, star of Murder Scene featured in "People Magazine" on location
  • 2000 -- Thomega Entertainment Inc., in association with Minds Eye Pictures, shoots two feature films Without Malice and Murder Scene as part of Saskatoon initiative ($4 million in production)
  • 2000 -- Anthony Towstego (President) invited as Sask Rep to the Canadian Consulate in Los Angeles
  • 1999 -- Thomega Entertainment Film & Television Division formed
  • 1999 -- Tough Stuff Documentary Series (A Star For Lucas, The Road Back Zane and Julia) premieres on Vision Network
  • 1997 -- Saskatoon Theatrical premiere of Crisis at Cineplex Odeon and in Los Angeles
  • 1996 -- HomeSense Television Series broadcast
  • 1996 -- First major feature film ($1 million) shot in Saskatoon, Crisis, distributed by Alliance - Atlantis
  • 1994 -- Company short-listed for major Health Canada contract, Federal Government
  • 1992 -- Saskatoon Hotel Visitors Channel launched in Regina and Saskatoon
  • 1992 -- Vikings Carol, CTV Network Broadcasts; first one of drama
  • 1988 -- Company founded, Anthony J. Towstego, President/CEO