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entertainment west_thumbEntertainment West

From lively interviews with local musicians to Canada's rock icons, Entertainment West invites loyal viewers to step into the world of music and get to know the people behind the songs.


The story of Ron Andrukaitis who suffered a massive stroke that left him in a coma. The doctor urged his family to "let him go." That was until Ron moved his finger.


Zane Janzen was only five years old when his families car was broadsided. Whether it was the love of his parents or a miracle beyond understanding, the young boy struggled through, he never let Acquired brain Injury stop him. 


Even before he was born, Lucas Towstego of Nanaimo, BC was only expected to live a few days. His determination to live is unparalleled. Even when he was year and a half old, he realized he wanted to live each day to the fullest.


we remember_them_thumbWe Remember Them 

We Remember Them, the story of the service and sacrificesmade by First Nations Veterans who came from the Muskeg Lake Reserve in Saskatchewan, Canada.  An intimate look at theheroism of many who enlisted themselves to serve their country, Canada.




Canada Remembers Documentaries

Documentaries which showcase the sacrifice and achievement of Canada's veterans. The documentaries air Nation-wide during the Rememberance Day season, and are used in schools to educate students.

Available for acquisition. Please contact us for more information
Available for purchase on DVD; $39.95 each plus applicable taxes. Please contact us for more information.
Teachers, schools and libraries should visit this page.

canada remembers_festival_for_heroes_thumbFestival for Heroes

At the "Festival for Heroes," held in the summer of 2011 during the annual Cameco Canada Remembers International Air Show Tribute, Veterans who served in WWII, Korea and Afghanistan candidly share while also being joined by the parents of Canada's first fallen soldiers of the Afghanistan war.

canada remembers_women_thumbWomen Who Have Served and Sacrificed

This documentary examines women who have been directly and indirectly involved with wars, focusing on the chilling outcomes and the often challenging effects they have to learn to live with.

canada remembers_achievements_sacrifices_thumbTheir Achievements and Sacrifices

This program features several Afghanistan Veterans and interviews with parents of some of the fallen in that region. Two young Interviewers learn first hand why it is important to never forget and to say a kind thanks to a Veteran every chance you get.

canada remembers_our_lasting_legacy_thumbOur Lasting Legacy

This program featured Master Corporal Brian Mullison an Afghanistan Veteran and Don Jackson who survived the Great Escape during the WWII.

canada remembers_time_to_say_thanks_thumbIt's Time to Say Thanks

This program featured Venessa Corkal and Phydra Faulkner, two teenage girls, who together discovered why it is important to never forget.

canada remembers_2000_veterans_reunion_thumbVeteran's 2000 Reunion

This documentary provides lasting and compelling stories of those glory days, with vintage planes as a backdrop and a powerful reminder of the tragedies of war.


Projects in Development

 Available for acquisition. Please Contact us for more information.

all the_worlds_a_stage_thumbAll The World's A Stage

An intimate portrayal of Henry Wolfe about his life in theatre reveals what theatre has given to him and the many contributions he has given back as a writer, carter, director and professor. 

star city_thumbStar City

Quirky undercurrents play out in surprising ways in the culturally diverse sleepy resort town of Star City, Sk., where Ronnie, a Cree single father and Anglican priest, is at the centre of the inevitable conflicts. 



red-seeds-thumb Red Seeds

After WWII, Canada was swept up in the Cold War. Emma Woikin, a Canadian-born woman whose Russian-Dukabor heritage made her a victim of the post-war witch hunt for Communists.




Unique to Indian Land Disputes between bands and the government, Young Chippewayan descendants invite the current owners of their appropriated land to a peaceful gathering.


every-day-after-thumbEvery Day After

"Every Day After" examines the lives of combat veterans and civilians who have survived cataclysmic situations and struggled to come to terms with their own good fortune: surviving where others have perished.

Henry Beudry_thumbAn Original Canadian Journey: Henry Beaudry the Story Keeper

The intriguing heart-wrenching documentary of Mr. Henry Beaudry and his WWII, POW years. 


Production Credits:

(Partial List...)

Associate Producer: The Lost Angel 2003, feature, 4 Square Features. Allison Eastwood, Judd Nelson.

Co-Producer: Murder Scene 2000, feature, in association with Minds Eye Pictures and SABAN International. Nicole Eggert (Baywatch), Callum Keith Rennie (eXistenZe), and Timothy Bottoms.Associate

Producer: Without Malice 2000, feature, in association with Minds Eye Pictures and SABAN International. Jennifer Beals (Flash Dance), Craig Sheffer (A River Runs Through it), Cory Haim and Gabriel Anwar (Scent of a Woman).

Producer; 2nd unit director: Crisis 1997, feature, distributed by Alliance / Atlantis. David Bradley (Hard Justice)

Producer/Director: Canada Remembers Documentaries: 2001-2011, 6 x 60:00 documentaries. A national tribute to war veterans. Global Television; CTV, VISION TV,SCN; Selected New York Film Festival, with support from Veterans Affairs Canada, Cameco

Executive Producer: Entertainment West 2002/04, 39 x 13:00. A look at the prairie music and entertainment scene.

Co-Producer: Home Sense: 1997, 13 x 30:00 informational television magazine series about home based business, 1997. In association with SCN, SaskFILM, The Business Development Bank of Canada, and Partners in Motion Picture.

Co-Producer: Tough Stuff: 1999, 3 x 60:00 documentary series examines the power of the human spirit, in association with the NFB, SaskFilm, SCN, Vision Network, Telefilm, and CTCPf-LFP.

Co-Producer: Ground Zero: 1998, 60:00 documentary, examines global warming with special appearances by Richard Chamberlain and John Denver. With participation from NASA and a World Contingency of Scientists. Silver Medal Worldfest, Houston Texas, 1999

Co-Producer: nikiskisinan: We Remember Them: 1998, 60:00 documentary honouring aboriginal veterans.In association with SCN, Saskfilm, Indian & Northern Affairs, Veterans Affairs, CTCPf-LFP, and Blue Hill Productions.

Co-Producer: On My Mind: 6 x 30:00 dramatic children's series (YTV), 1995


I worked with Anthony in a crew training capacity through the Institute and a Provincial training program. Anthony provided an excellent training experience and the trainee picked up a hugeamount of practical work related experience.
- Wayne Inverarity, Program Head Applied Visual Media Programs at Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology

"A hard-working and creative producer,Tony's superlative interpersonal skills and likeability have served him wellover a lengthy professional career. He has a passion for storytelling and agood grasp of business - a fairly uncommon combination. Tony is always apleasure to deal with." 
- Mark Prasuhn, former General Manger andFilm Commissioner, SaskFilm and CEO Vision Tv


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