A Video Brochure Produced by Thomega Entertainment Inc.

Ten good reasons why this could be the smartest marketing decision
 you will make this year

1. Impact: Live demonstration is a powerful marketing advantage. Live action actually demonstrates your product or service. Printed brochures show your product or service frozen in time, but video allows your prospect to actually see what your product or service does...how it is made...or how it really works.

More and more companies are using videos as an integral part of their sales program because seeing really is believing and believing means more sales.

2. Cost: Video brochures can be less expensive than full color printed brochures. Video brochures can be copied as you need them and you do not have to run off thousands of copies in advance. If your prices, terms of sale, other conditions suddenly change, your video brochure is easier and less expensive to enable. You pay less money up front...and you are not stuck with thousands of obsolete printed brochures.

3. Efficiency: A video presentation frees your sales people to concentrate fully on the most important part of their job - the close. Every Sales Manager knows how his sales people get worn down with the tedious and redundant task of explaining and demonstrating their product or service over and over again.

Over time, sales people become too familiar with their product or service. They begin to leave out important details of the presentation. Their presentations begin to lose the enthusiasm, sparkle and charm they once had.

A video brochure guarantees that your sales presentation remains fresh, covers all the points, and maintains its enthusiasm each time it is presented. It makes selling your product a lot easier and more effective. Sending a video with your sales people is like sending along a strong and enthusiastic partner that will support and motivate them. Video brochures reduce call reluctance, strengthen sales' closes and create more sales!

4. Exclusivity: A video brochure will make your product or service "stand out" from the crowd. If your potential customer receives nine printed brochures from your competitors and a video brochure from you, it creates a subtle message in his mind that your company is the most modern, efficient and professional choice.

Video gives your product or service the prestigious showcase it deserves. Prospects are impressed by this super sales tool and respond to it. Video is the most "state of the art" form of marketing known in the business world today.

5. Retention: The live action of video "demands" viewer attention and participation. Nothing else presents your product or services with the impact and credibility of video. Numerous memory tests show that people remember less than 28% of what they have heard, but retain over 80% of what they have heard and seen. And if the subject is of interest to the viewer, retention can reach levels of 90%.

Our professionally produced video sales tapes contain dynamic full color action, carefully scripted narration, music to intensify ideas and themes, hard hitting live demonstrations, convincing testimonials and endorsements, and dazzling graphic effect. No sales points are missed. Yes...video really, really sells!

6. Strategy: Video works - and it works inexpensively. Because it works, most of the Fortune 500 Corporations use television in one form or another. These companies spend millions and millions of dollars in research to develop the marketing strategies and techniques that make them so successful on television. These marketing strategies and techniques can be utilized in a video brochure to bring your company the same success. These successful corporations spend more money on television than any other advertising media. Why? Because television is still the freshest, newest, most exciting and most effective form of advertising.

7. Receptivity: When your prospective client watches your video presentation, he will be more attentive, more receptive, and he will remember it. Studies have shown that 75% of the executives who receive video brochures take them home to watch them in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere - without the usual office disturbances and interruptions. Reading a brochure is work, but watching television is fun and interesting. A television presentation does not compete with the mountains of paperwork that must be dug through every day. It creates a new and enjoyable opportunity.

8. Personality: You will become more than just a faceless corporation. A video brochure gives your company warmth, depth, and an individual personality. By appearing on camera, you or one of your principals can get your message to your clients on a one to one basis. You will reach your clients on an emotional level as well as an intellectual level. Your clients will take a personal interest in you and your company because they will really know who you are.

9. Purpose: Clients are motivated by something new and exciting, something proven and yet unique. Your video brochure will fulfill all of these expectations. It will give your sales people a good reason to "call again" on a reluctant customer or establish a better relationship with a current account.

10. Inspiration: Video brochures train and inspire your sales people. It is as though you are sending a super sales person along with them each time they make a call. Video keeps them fresh and alert and makes them feel as if they are not out there all alone. Video tells your story in the most concise and efficient manner possible. A video allows even your weakest sales person to combine forces, each sale, every time, with your strongest sales person.

If your sales story is worth putting on paper, it is worth bringing to life!


I enjoyed and appreciated the program on Nov 11th that included remembering our Veteran's on Remembrance Day... Very impressed at the program and how well it was done.
-Patricia Howson

Tony demonstrated great passion and attentionto detail on any responsibility he undertook. Not only can you count on thisbut also his ability to execute. He is a visionary that offers great creativityand pure professionalism. During our time working together, he was always keyin raising the bar on what we would achieve. Other market leaders aspired tofollow his leadership
- Kemal Leslie, President Travel Channel


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