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Thomega Entertainment, corporate production division extending
Over thirty Years of Visual Communication Excellence

If You Have Something To Say, Thomega will help You say It in with zest, utilizing the state of the art productions, raising the bar on the possibilities of sight, sound and emotion, through digital means!

Since 1981, Anthony Towstego (accomplished writer, director, producer see IMDB) President, Thomega Entertainment Inc. (formerly Tri-Media Productions) and his team of industry professionals, have serviced the communication needs of long standing provincial and national business with their various video, film and web/digital content requirements, through award winning production excellence. As an industry leader in media information and programing, Thomega utilizes the art of visual presentation in innovative and compelling ways, resulting in intelligent content; delivered on time and on budget, with an outcome of measurable results! Thomega Entertainment Inc. continues to produce premium commercials for broadcast and highly effective promotional, internal employee presentations (training, informative etc.) that takes sight, sound and emotional to new levels, giving the viewer a positive and lasting impression.

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robertson stromberg_thumb Robertson Stromberg

A prestigious and long standing law firm in Saskatchewan. Played on the large screen at the Saskatchewan centennial celebration in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada.

custom cycle_thumb Custom Cycle

This production depicts the long standing sales and service Custom Cycle in Saskatoon maintains.

prairieland exhibition_fun_notes_thumb Saskatoon Ex - "Fun Notes"

In 1998, Maurice Neult representing Saskatoon Prairie Land Park, commissioned Mr. Towstego to produce, write, direct a TV commercial campaign that would get results - crowds to the Saskatoon Ex. It was a great success!

our ladies_prairies_foundation_thumb Our Lady of the Prairies

Commissioned by Our Lady Of The Prairies Foundation in 2007, to commemorate the 50th year celebration of the foundation.

credit union_centre_thumb Credit Union Centre

This promotional presentation lets the viewer know the many options in terms of sponsorship opportunities with in the organization and various events throughout the year. This is an example of one, of several that Thomega has produced for the organization since 1996.

eezee wrap_thumb E-zee Wrap Commercial

Commercial for Broadcast Television outlining the features of the E-zee Warp Enviroll System

troop truck_thumb Troop Truck

Dakota Vehicle Systems proudly introduces the Troop Truck to the Unmanned Ground Vehicle Industry. This is a video demonstrating the vehicle's capabilities.

pleasure way_thumb Pleasure Way Plant Tour

Video Tour of Pleasure-Way Production facility 

where the_spirit_flies_thumb Where the Spirit Flies

CTV News covers the premier screening of "Where the Spirit Flies"


What A Corporate Digital Presentation Produced by Thomega Entertainment Can Do for you...

There are many advantages to digital production, the most apparent being its ability to attract attention, and tell a story visually and audibly. A Corporate production will:

• Draw the attention of potential customers at industry trade shows or reach millions through its  
  delivery online or other digital formats!
• Help build a strong and unforgettable corporate image
• Aids with global market research
• Allow the buyer to visualize and understand the product
• Bring the experience of professionals and satisfied customers to a new market. Aid your sales team during introductory
• Be a helpful complement to manuals and other product literature
'Integrating state of the art digital production content into your web page message and all digital content, raises the profile of any corporation, in terms of professional appearance and dynamic presentation! ' 
-Anthony Towstego, President, Thomega Entertainment Inc.


Advantages of a Digital Presentation produced by Thomega Entertainment

• Visual impact of a television commercial with greater target ability of Direct Mail Advertising
Allows corporate representation at sales opportunities, trade shows and international market occasions
   when complete staff representatives cannot attend
• Provides comprehensive information on products and services for sellers and buyers
• Compliments your corporate communications image effectively because of video:
• conveys technical information clearly
• builds a corporate image every time it is viewed
• tells a complete and controlled story every time
• is available for reference at all times
• can be easily converted into DVD or digital and online formats

Contact Thomega now and learn how to implement their proven systems of production into your company's success!


"A hard-working and creative producer,Tony's superlative interpersonal skills and likeability have served him wellover a lengthy professional career. He has a passion for storytelling and agood grasp of business - a fairly uncommon combination. Tony is always apleasure to deal with." 
- Mark Prasuhn, former General Manger andFilm Commissioner, SaskFilm and CEO Vision Tv

I worked with Anthony in a crew training capacity through the Institute and a Provincial training program. Anthony provided an excellent training experience and the trainee picked up a hugeamount of practical work related experience.
- Wayne Inverarity, Program Head Applied Visual Media Programs at Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology


Thomega Entertainment, Inc.


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